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Miracles Of Jesus Christ 

The New Testament lists a number of miracles attributed to Jesus. In this section you can read all about those miracles in one place for inspirational reading jam-packed with heartwarming tales. The power of these biblical tales is undeniable.

Take, for instance, the story of Jesus walking on water, the idea that we can achieve the impossible has served to motivate individuals for over 2,000 years. Of course, those who find their inspiration in tales of the miraculous know that they need the assistance of a Higher Power to get ahead.

The story of Jesus turning water into wine on the other hand was a personal message to Jesus' doubting disciples. While the guests at the wedding where the miracle is said to have occurred doubtless derived benefit from the miracle, scripture shows that the miracle was a lesson to the disciples that pointed to Jesus as the fount of all life.

The miracle of the loaves and the fishes had a specific intended message, too. The tale of this miracle is meant to teach believers that what we give in faith is rewarded by multiple blessings. We receive far more than we are required to give.

There may be two separate recorded accounts in scripture for the tale of the withering tree but both accounts address the same faith issues. This story teaches that prayers are answered. The withering tree miracle also teaches us about where our intentions should lie as we focus on our prayers. We learn from this story that we need to have forgiveness for others as we pray.

Another miracle said to have been performed by Jesus is the calming of the storm.  There are a few accounts of this miraculous story in which Jesus falls into a deep sleep during a boat crossing with his disciples. Storms and roiling water panic the disciples who awaken their master. Jesus is said to have rebuked the winds and calmed the water. He then asks the disciples where their faith has gone. The disciples are left wondering about the true nature of Jesus.

Many theologians have wondered about the significance of the sea in the calming of the storm narrations in the Gospels of Mark and Luke. Some feel that the story is an allegorical reference to the tendency of Jewish people to feel uncomfortable during sea travel.

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