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Jerusalem and Its Conquerors

The city of Jerusalem has become a centre of holy pilgrimage for three major religions. It has figured as the spiritual homeland of Judaism, as the third holiest city in Islam, and is the site of a significant number of ancient Christian landmarks.

The early history of the Holy City saw incredible transitions beginning with the earliest establishment of Jerusalem by the biblical Canaanites. Its kingdoms and conquerors range from the earliest Israelites to the Babylonian invasions that would follow the reign of the biblical King David and the building of the Temple of Solomon.

The Roman occupation following Persian leadership would lead to the destruction of the city once again, followed by the Islamic kingdom that would acknowledge the city’s holy status in 638 CE. This historical period of battle over Jerusalem would not end with these occupations. The city would remain a land of contention in the twentieth century, beginning with the British Mandate, and continuing to this day.

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