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Jewish History

The history of Judaism is a long one. The tradition of the Jewish people and their writings may be traced back to 1800 BCE to the historical lineage of Abraham, the biblical patriarch from whom the religion is believed to have originally stemmed.

The history of Judaism is forever linked to the history of Christianity by the teachings of the Hebrew Bible, collectively known as the Torah. The rich traditions and customs surrounding the Jewish faith are outlined in these historical teachings. These include the tradition of the Sabbath and the practice of wearing tefillin to commemorate the original promise of the covenant between God and Abraham.

Among these writings are historical accounts of biblical events such as the exodus of the Jewish people from Egyptian slavery, an event that is celebrated annually during the Passover holiday. The triumphs and defeat of historical battles such as the Jewish Revolt against the Romans and the loss of the Jerusalem Temple are integral to the history of the Holy Land and to contemporary practice of Judaism.

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