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Mary The Mother Of Jesus

Of all the female figures in the New Testament, Mary, the Mother of Jesus is probably one of the foremost.

A Young Girl Facing A Potentially Frightening Future

Mary was a young girl when the Angel Gabriel came to her to announce that she had been chosen to be the Mother the messiah, and the Gospel of Luke gives a stirring rendition of the night the angel appeared to her. She was to be married to a man named Joseph; yet, she was also to conceive a baby by the power of God. Should she have been found to have been pregnant before the time of her wedding, there was a good chance she would have been stoned to death. However, the angel who appeared to her appeared also to Joseph and assured him that it was good for him to marry her because she was carrying the savior of the world.

Keeping Secrets In Her Heart

As a mother, Mary experienced many trials. Having a son who was considered to be anointed and connected to God, was not an easy task. The New Testament indicates that at the age of 12, Jesus spent his time in the temple with the elders and when Mary and Joseph left Jerusalem during the time of the Feasts in order to return to Nazareth, Jesus was inadvertently left behind because he was discussing spiritual matters with the righteous men. The bible says that she kept the secrets of what Jesus was doing in her heart.

The Experience Of The Pain Of Motherhood

As time went on, Mary served as an observer as the world at the time both embraced and hated her son. When he was convicted by Pontius Pilate and sentenced to crucifixion, her heart must have broken. We find her at the cross where Jesus says to John, his disciple, "here is your Mother." The implication is that John would take Mary into his home and revere her as his own mother, thus providing a safe place for her at the end of her days.

We don't have much in terms of solid background to go on when it comes to understanding who Mary was and how she lived her life. Historically, there is only the account in the New Testament. One thing is evident from the information at hand-Mary loved her son and was devoted to him. She followed along with other women and was present at his crucifixion, his death.


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