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The Nails Of The Cross: A Response to the Criticisms of the Film. Read indepth what film director Simcha Jacobovici has to say.  Nails_of_the_cross.html

Discover the tomb
investigated by
by experts and whose historical
and religious importance can as
yet only be imagined. >>more

Learn about the ossuary of Jesus’ brother James and how this discovery paved the way for the rediscovery of Jesus’ family tomb. >>more

Uncover how the most sophisticated methods of DNA analysis were used in order to shed light on the maternal relation of the Jesus family tomb.
Learn how the presence of inscriptions found on tombs and ossuaries in and around the city of Jerusalem date to the time of Jesus Christ.
On the façade of The Jesus Family Tomb is a chevron, what is its meaning? Decode what is soon to become the most mysterious of Christian symbols.

The Chevron


James Ossuary

DNA Tests

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