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Pre-Biblical Times

The Divine Feminine figured prominently in the spiritual beliefs of many societies predating the historical advent of biblical Christianity. As a symbol of the creative force and the spiritual element of nature, the sacred feminine was revered as the Great Goddess of fertility, and the Mother of Earth’s creations.

In ancient Egypt, the Divine Feminine was personified in the figure of Isis, who along with her male counterpart Osiris, represented a unified, spiritual whole. The loss of the divine feminine has been noted within Christianity, whose holy trinity represents the masculine father, son, and holy spirit, leaving many scholars to trace the historical transformations of this ancient deity.

For more information on women and the Holy Order, including in-depth analysis of the gospels and legends of Mary Magdalene, and the study of the Divine feminine in pre-Biblical times, visit TheNazareneWay.com.

Jesus of Nazareth Mary Magdalene: Mariamne Early Christianity
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