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With the right investigative team possibilities are endless, even the archeological discovery of the millennium >>more

The Nails of the Cross

The director's indepth response to criticism of his film is an enlightening read. nails_of_the_cross.html


An Emmy-winning documentary filmmaker,
and a true master of his field, Jacobovici
has expertise that spans the disciplines of
politics, journalism and archeology. >>more

Famous for his original approaches to filmmaking and unparalleled dedication to innovation, in such films as Titanic and Terminator.
Critically acclaimed producer Felix Golubev forms a large part of the powerful dynamic behind The Lost Tomb of Jesus.
With an in-depth understanding of the forensic world, Dr. Pelligrino is the inspiration behind many iconic films, including Titanic and Jurassic Park.

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James Tabor

Amos Kloner

John Dominic Crossan

Andrew Feuerverger


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