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Holy Bloodline

According to some alternative theorists, Jesus lived on after his crucifixion, through the children that he bore with his wife, Mary Magdalene. Although the theories differ, they both conclude that after Jesus' death, Mary fled for fear of persecution, and that she ended up in modern-day France, where her children carried on the Holy Bloodline as nobility.

One such theory links the Jesus family bloodline through the St Clairs (or Sinclairs, as they are also known), whom they say were actually members of the Knights Templar, and therefore concealed this secret through time, although they did leave encoded messages for their followers.

Another like-minded theory suggests that Mary's children eventually became united with the Merovingian Dynasty, who ruled ancient Gaul from the first to the fifth century. Some assert furthermore that this family line did not die off, as was assumed, but rather was carried on in secret.

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