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Glossary: G


Meaning either vessel or, given entymological connections raised by the esoterics, "blood."

Holy Grail

In the mainstream, this is the cup Jesus used at the Last Supper. In post-Biblical traditions, Joseph of Arimathea is said to have taken the cup and collected some of the blood of Jesus from the cross. Esoterics believe the Holy Grail means "royal blood" and refers to the descendants of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.


A place in a synagogue set aside to store both worn-out and heretical or disgraced Hebrew books or papers


A Greek word, which literally means "knowledge." Insight or enlightenment capture the meaning of Gnosis better.


Its Christian form originated in the Middle East and Greece during pre-Christian times. The movement has been composed of many groups with differing beliefs. Christian Gnosticism was one of the three main movements in early Christianity; the other two being Jewish and Pauline Christianity. Many Gnostic sects were the victims of genocide by the early Christian Church. The movement has survived to the present day and is rapidly growing in numbers.

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