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Glossary E-F


As used by self-proclaimed "esoterics," it is that world-view which recovers pre-Christian beliefs in God/Goddess dualism, and the alternative history of Jesus which is available to initiated adherents of "esoteric" societies.


The systematic digging and recording of an archaeological site.


A group of Jewish Christians. Some theologians believe that before Paul came on the scene, the Ebonites formed the original Christian movement, including the people who knew Jesus best: his disciples and family.


The date and time when the sun crosses the equator. On that day, the daytime and nightime are both very close to 12 hours. Many religious holy days are synchronized to the equinoxes, including the Jewish Passover, and Christian Easter.

Feminist Theology

Promotes a theology that stresses human rights, sexual enjoyment, feminine ordination, and equality.


Freemasons see Freemasonry as supplementing and not in conflict with their religious belief. They are heavily involved in charitable works, like the Shriner's hospitals.

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