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A Look at Some Freemasonry Symbols

Freemasonry is one of the largest secret societies in the world with thousands of members internationally. The society uses many secret symbols as a way of communicating. There are those who connect the symbols to ancient pagan religions with meanings that are commonly known, referred to as exoteric meanings, and those that are only known to a select few, referred to as esoteric meaning. Here's a look at an interpretation of some of the common freemasonry symbols.

The Official Freemasonry Logo

The official freemasonry logo many have seen on vehicles and worship buildings is the compass, the square and the letter G. In some countries the letter G is understood to mean God or the Supreme Building. For those against any physical representative of God, the letter G represents the natural goodness of humankind but especially Freemasons. Others say the G represents geometry, which is the craft that official gave birth to modern Freemasonry. One Scottish templar says the letter stands for Greegriment, an old Scots word that means concord or harmony. Since there's no consistent interpretation of the representation of the letter, some countries, like England, no longer use the G in their logo.

The All-seeing Eye

Sometimes called the Eye of Providence, this image is one of a pyramid with a mystical eye at its peak. Some Masonic writings say that the All-seeing Eye will reward the faithful according to their works. The sun, moon and stars obey the eye, it sees the inside of all people's hearts and it watches the comets.

The Five-pointed Star

This is a five-pointed star sometimes known as the pentagram and its point is usually pointed upwards to, in theory, represent good. The pentagram has been used throughout history by the occult who use the five points to represent the elements of spirit, air, water, fire, nature and earth. The Five-pointed Star is found on the most prominent Freemasonry emblems and is thought to represent the five points of fellowship. These points are foot to foot, knee to knee, hand to hand, breast to breast and the final rite, left hand behind the back.

Sun, Moon and Stars

This symbol is self-explanatory as far as its appearance is concerned. The explanation isn't quite as clear as to the reason it's used or its significance. Some suggest the Sun, Moon and Stars represents the Trinity but it's unclear how this is specifically connected to Freemasonry. Some speculate there's a connection to the heathen gods of the pagans in past years or even during Biblical times.


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